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Let’s value women in the rural world.

Equal Rural

Final Seminar

seminário final

December 15th and 16th

Equal Rural

in tarouca

Registration is now open for the final Equal Rural seminar.
December 15th and 16th in Tarouca, Viseu.
Participation is free but registration is mandatory.
Registration by email inovterra@gmail.com, private message on Facebook or Instagram or by phone 254 677 510.
There will be dinner (on the 15th) with a party, local guided tours (to the olive oil mills). It will be two very intense days of learning, getting to know the region and many surprises.
See you soon! 🥰

Equal Rural

Previous Workshops

workshop equal rural barbara monteiro

November 2nd

With Bárbara Monteiro

Producer / Mainova

Bárbara Monteiro is the youngest of three sisters and therefore, she heard throughout her life, sometimes against her will, that she was the “mainova”. In 2010 she decided to radically change her life when her father acquired Herdade da Fonte Santa, in Vimieiro, Arraiolos.

From communication to agriculture, Bárbara embraced the family project and gave it a new aesthetic and life and this is how MAINOVA was born, a name given because she was the Mainova of the family and always complained about it: she inherited her sisters’ clothes and was always called Mainova, even in the profession that they couldn’t explain, the oldest is a pediatrician, the middle pediatrician and Mainova…

Bárbara Monteiro has a degree in Marketing Management and a postgraduate degree in Marketing.

Workshop Equal Rural Lídia Santiago

July 18th

With Lídia Santiago

Coordinator of the Commission for Specialization in Food Engineering of the Order of Engineers

Born in Castelo Branco, 1954 and lives in Lisbon, Portugal.


Degree in Chemical Engineering, branch of Technology at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, 1978; Master in Food Science and Technology, in the area of ​​Dairy Products, 1992; Postgraduate in Commercial Management/Marketing for SMEs, Inforce, 1995/96; Training in Human Resources Management, Business Management, Financial Management, 1994, 95, 96; Professional Title of Specialist in Food Engineering, 2004.

Professional activity

National Vice-President of the Order of Engineers, since 2019.
Teaching activity for 42 years in Secondary, Polytechnic and University Education, 1979-2021.
Coordinator of the Food Engineering Specialization Committee of the Order of Engineers, OE, 2016-2019.
Trends and Opportunities of the Circular Economy, “Economic Viability of a Waste – Serum”, 2016. “Hygiene – Safety – Health”, promoted by AMAE (Association of Women in Business Activities), Bissau, 2015.
“Hygiene-Safety-Health”, Benguela, 2011.
Consultant for a small dairy company producing pasteurized milk and cheese, Luanda, 1999.
Supervised theses, final course projects in the area of ​​milk and cheese, at ISCTE, FEL, 1995, 1999.
Project Coordinator co-financed by the Economic Cooperation Fund, of a Dairy Industry Unit, in the State of Ceará, Brazil, 1996.
Technical manager of a pasteurized milk production unit, Ribacal, 1992-1993.
Launch of new products derived from curd cheese and responsible for the 1st packaging of fresh cheese, 1989-1995.
Responsible for the production, quality control, general management and commercial/marketing areas of an industrial dairy products company, SANTIAGO, 1976-1998.

workshop sonia brito

June 28th

With Sónia Brito

Civil Engineer and Managing Partner SR Berry

SR Berry was founded by a young woman with a degree in Civil Engineering, who decided to remain in her country, investing in agriculture, with the vision of implementing a new form of agricultural production in the Algarve, taking advantage of heritage land and the exceptional climate conditions of the region to develop the production of small red fruits in hydroponics for export.

SR Berry Unipessoal, lda was born in February 2015, from a Singular person, who is managing partner Sónia Isabel Borralho Brito (starting activity in 2013), with the vision of implementing a new form of agricultural production in the Algarve of raspberries.
The initial area was 0.72ha with Raspberry crops and 0.45ha of strawberries. In 2014 we converted the entire area to raspberries. In 2015 there was an area increase of 0.23ha, totaling 1.4ha.
At the end of 2015, we submitted a new project under the PDR2020 Operation 3.2.1 program, on land 50 meters from our current facilities.
The land has a total area of 11ha, of which we will use 4.4ha for business expansion, maintaining the production of raspberries.
In addition to raspberries, we will produce 4.5ha of persimmons using the soil.

SR Berry has a partnership with the international company Driscoll’s, which has allowed it to adapt varieties with Driscoll’s patent to the aforementioned technique, with results that have exceeded expectations.
Distribution is ensured by the producer organization LusoMorango, which SR Berry integrates, selling its products to Northern Europe, considered a market of excellence, thanks to the partnership with Driscoll’s, leader in sales of small fruits worldwide. The destination countries for this production are known for the demand of their consumers, their concern for environmental sustainability and the high standard of living of the population. The project gained structure and consolidation, reaching the point where it was recognized with an honorable mention for Best Young Farmer in 2015 and in 2018 it was recognized with an honorable mention for agricultural company at national level. It is also an integral part of the company’s strategy to contribute to sustainable production, basing its activity on a relationship of trust, fair play and transparency in the partnership with Driscoll’s. Taking advantage of ancestral knowledge, state-of-the-art technological capacity, the most sophisticated support structures and highly specialized and experienced technicians to produce fruit of excellence, according to the highest quality standards and the most rigorous standards of hygiene and safety at work.

SR Berry’s objective is to develop a modern, healthy and sustainable agriculture, with great respect for the environment and integration into nature, in all its production and development phases and to obtain maximum quality with the minimum of resources. The company’s strategy consists of the production, with high standards of quantity, quality and food safety, of raspberries, and the respective commercialization in foreign markets with high added value. It is also an integral part of the company’s strategy to contribute to sustainable production, basing its activity on a relationship of trust, fair play and transparency in the partnership with Driscoll’s.

Workshop Teresa Moreira

May 11th

With Teresa Moreira

President of APACRA – Minhota Cattle Breeders Association

Teresa Moreira was born in Venezuela in 1965. She graduated in Agricultural Production in 1992 at the Escola Superior Agrária de Castelo Branco.

She began his professional activity in 1991, as a teacher at the Secondary School of Parede de Coura.
In 1995, she assumed the role of Technician at the Association of Farmers of Vale do Lima, moving in 1996 to the position of General Technician at the Association of Farmers of Minho (AGRESTA).
In 1997, he began his political career, being president of the Parish Council of Labrujó – Ponte de Lima, until 2005.

Since 2001 he has been president of APACRA – Minhota Cattle Breeders Association, in Ponte de Lima, a position he currently holds, together with the position of President of the Minhota Cattle Meat, Milk and Cheese Producers Group.

Workshop Isabel Martins

May 3rd

With Isabel Martins

Journalist and presenter of the program “Do Prado ao Prato”

The guest of this workshop is Isabel Martins, Journalist and Presenter of the program ‘Do Prado ao Prato’.

Valuing the women of the Rural World
Remember that ‘EQUAL RURAL’ is a project centered on women in the Agricultural Sector and aims to study, develop and promote their participation and representation in all posts in the sector, including those related to leadership and decision-making, even benefiting from the same conditions (for example, equal pay).

This intervention project focuses, firstly, on the identification of practices/measures that can boost their participation and representation and that put an end to situations of discrimination and inequality; then, on raising awareness, recognizing and valuing the role and work carried out by women in the agricultural sector; and finally, on empowering women in areas where they experience difficulties or for which they are not properly trained.

April 21st

With Ondina Afonso

Food Engineer and President of Continente Producers Club

Ondina Afonso is President of Continente Producers Club, accumulating with the position of Director of Quality and Research at MC Sonae.

He is President of the Food Committee at EuroCommerce and of the Technical Committee for the Chain of Custody at GlobalG.A.P..

For ten years she was coordinator of the Technology and Innovation Services and lecturer at the Higher School of Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Portugal. She was Executive Director of PORTUGALFOODS between 2009 and 2016.

Since 2003, she has been invited by the European Commission to participate in the evaluation of European Research & Innovation Projects and, recently, in working groups, within the framework of the Prado ao Prato European Strategy. He was part of the group of experts of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries of the European Commission, where he worked on the review of marketing standards for the introduction of sustainability criteria for aquaculture.

March 23rd

With Cláudia Pacheco

Agricultural Engineer in the Algarve

Cláudia Pacheco has been working since 2018 as the technician in charge of the company Frutas Lurdes Guerreiro e Filhas Lda, based in the parish of Algoz, municipality of Silves.

She studied at the University of Algarve, and when choosing her course, the desire was to work in animal production, because since she was a little girl she has always lived between the two worlds, livestock production and citrus fruits. Halfway through the course, she started working in a citrus fruit production cooperative, as an assistant to the technician in charge, helping with the fact that the course was temporarily working after work.

Meanwhile, the cooperative closed, and she went to work as a production manager at a citrus fruit production company, where she completed her course at that time. During that time, she met some stockists, which opened doors to where she is today.

February 22nd

With Diana Valente

creator of the “Prazeres do Mondego” Project

Diana Valente, 27 years old, was born into a farming family in the Baixo Mondego region. From an early age, she had contact with the agricultural activity and although she was greatly influenced by her father and other family members to follow another path, she ended up entering a higher education course related to the area.

Initially, she started studying Veterinary Medicine and in her 3rd year of higher education, she also entered the Degree in Agricultural Engineering. She performed both trainings simultaneously. The interest in carrying out these trainings was based on his great passion for the agricultural sector, not only for animal production, but also for the area of plant production. Later, she also completed a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Business Management and a Postgraduate Degree in Promoting Animal Welfare.

She is currently attending a PhD in Veterinary Sciences and a Master in Agro 4.0. Her farm is a family farm dedicated to the production of carolino rice from Baixo Mondego, white grain corn and beef cattle. In 2022 she submitted her project for the Installation of a Young Farmer, which is dedicated not only to the production of carolino rice and white grain corn, but also to the creation of cattle of the Jarmelista breed, an indigenous Portuguese breed at maximum risk of extinction.

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